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The Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Gift

Every year Paul comes up with great concepts for his wedding anniversary gift.

Year one was a Pandora style charm/pendant that had the number one on it, and when you turned it upside down it was a J. The opposite side had a single diamond.

Year two was a parachuting number two that encased their birthstones. Parachuting was the theme as this is a common activity they excel in together.

Year three Paul came with the concept of turning a parachute PIN into a bracelet. Their skydiving club logo was also a great inspiration. With its ballet slipper ends proved a perfect place to add some bling! Also including a tyre doughnut to represent a past holiday. Sapphires, as that is Jackie’s stone and diamonds because they are a girl’s best friend!

Also for their third year Jackie commissioned me to make Paul a bear paw print pendant. it has a hidden heart in the middle as an added touch.

Year four was a hating angel with the body of the number four and using sapphires for the head and body. the ballet feet were also included

This year for their fifth anniversary was one of the most creative. Bringing a lot of symbolism and combining elements form the previous four years presents. It turned out amazing once again.

Having the five pieces photographed together shows the progression and the continuity over the years.

The Annual Anniversary Gift